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Autocollimator Special Type

Autocollimator Special Type
Autocollimator Special Type
Product Code : 11
Brand Name : Autocollimator Speci
Product Description

Autocollimator dual-axis



Specifications of  Auto-Collimator:- Salient features of pyromatic’s

Dark field graticule gives good image from un silvered glass surface or surfaces having poor reflection. Eye piece have a long eye relief, important for spectacle user Direct reading to one minute of arc  Total Measuring range 60 minutes  Measuring in two axes simultaneously Anti fungus coating on optics 



Objective focal Length        :     300 mm

Objective Clear Aperture      :     25 mm

Barrel Dia                    :     38 mm

Barrel Length                 :     200mm

Eye Piece Magnification       :     10x

Measuring Range               :     25’

Read Out                      :     On Direct graticule AT 1’

Telescope Length              :      380mm

Illuminating Bulb Rating      :  6 V 10 watts Comes with   transformer

Dimension of Base             :     SOLID RUGGED CI BASE  75 X 250MM

Flatness of Base              :     As per ISI Standard  i.e. 6-7 MICRONS

       Within 50mm any where of the entire surface

Reflecting Mirror:-

Mat: Optical glass BSC/BK-7  Front-Surface Coated Mirror Coating Mat: Al. With projective of SIO

Dia: 40 mm,  rollers with C.D of 50mm 

Optical Square 20 x 20mm opening  the box is equipped with CD of 50mm on 2 sides

Bottom and sides are optically lapped

Mirror is mounted on the base at 90° ± 2’



Measurements in the glass shop , Checking straightness and flatness

Checking square and V Blocks, Checking deflection of a structure under load

Measuring tapers, Checking the angles of small castings

Checking the cutting angle of tools, Setting angles of jigs and machine tool heads