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Compound Gear Train

Compound Gear Train
Compound Gear Train
Product Code : 48
Product Description
Compound Gear- BSPIL-DYN-04012
Compound Gear - Motorized Drive and Rpm BSPIL-DYN-04012A
Compound gear train with housing bearing BSPIL-DYN-04012B(H)

Gear train is made of actual compound gears. Driver shaft is provided with handle to smoothly operate and to transmit power to the driven gear through mono follower. Assembly is mounted on Ply wood board The entire setup is covered with transparent acrylic for clear study. This system also comes with motorized drive. Model-BSPIL-DYN-04012 (a).



Dimension (LXBXH)

400 X 250 X 300 mm

Driver motor

1/6 hp AC Variable

Speed controller

0-230V, 2 Amps Variac.

No. Of Shaft used

3nos ( driver, intermediate, driven )

Type of gear used

Spur gear.

Speed ratio


Resolution for speed measurement

1 RPM (Tachometer, Proximity sensors)


Acrylic sheet (Transparent)

Overall weight


a) Speed ratio


b) Overall space

500 x 400 mm

c) Motor variable speed

0-6000 RPM - (BSPIL-DYN-04012A)