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Joints & Couplings

Joints & Couplings
Joints & Couplings
Product Code : 12
Product Description
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1000A (a)  Box of Muff coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1000B (b)  Half Lap Muff Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1000C (c)  Split Muff Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1001 Couple Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1002 Expansion  Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003 Flanged Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003A (a) Model with blots,  key groove and key
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003B (b) Protected flanged coupling with shaft
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003C (c) Solid flanged coupling with shaft
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1004 Flanged pipe C.I.Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1005 Flexible coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1006 Gib and Cotter Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1007 Hook Joint (Hook coupling), single type
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1008 Hook Joint (Hook coupling), Double type
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1009 Hydraulic Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1010 Key Cotter Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1011 Knuckle Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1012 Nipple Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1013 Oldham’s Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1014 Pin Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1015 Pipe joint