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Journal Bearing Test Rig

Journal Bearing Test Rig
Journal Bearing Test Rig
Product Code : 49
Product Description
Journal Bearing System -BSPIL-DYN-04040

This setup has four journals bearing of same size, which are used to rotate the shaft friction free. The system is driven by 1/6h.P ac/dc electric motor, speed can be regulated by 2 amp dimmer stat, speed indication is done digitally, speed with varying load condition can be obtained by considering the frictional coefficient and viscosity of lubricant graphical representation can be performed with speed vs. friction.


  1. Journal Dia – 49.8mm, Length 50mm
  2. Bearing dia – 50 mm
  3. Pressure gauge – 10 kg/cm2 (Max)
  4. Weight set to load the bearing upto 25 Kg.
  5. D.C. motor with variable speed control to drive the journal
  6. Torque arm and weights for measurement of friction torque
  7. Oil outlet flow measurement arrangement
  8. Thermometer to measure oil temperature