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Micro Controller Kit

Micro Controller Kit
Micro Controller Kit
Product Code : 06
Product Description

Micro Controller Kit With Stepper Motor & Driver Circuit

Specification :

CPU: 8031 / 8051 operating at 12 MHz. Memory 16KB power full monitor. 8KB RAM. One 16 bit programmable timer, 32 programmable Input outputs duly terminated on FRC connectors. System bus available for expansion on separate connector. RS232C serial interface connector to communicate with IBM PC computers for UP/DOWN load facility. Software selectable baud rate from 150 to 9600. One timer and One Interrupt for user for connecting to external hardware. 6 Digit high bright displays. 24 multiple addressable keys by software. 16 for data entry from 0-F, register display, baud rate selection, breakpoint set facility, Up/Down load features, necessary software will be supplied on Floppy disk along with Terminal emulation software. Separate Real Time clock chip to set real time and display. This has serial connectivity. You can safe programs on PC in Intel-Hex format
Interface cable set consisting of RS232C and FRC

Single- Stepper Motor Module :

It is a single stepper motor module. Stepper motor is a DC motor. It differs with conventional motors, in the sense; stepper motor is used for positioning the rotor at a specified position. A sequential magnetization and demagnetization, enables the rotor of the motor to rotate on its axis by a fixed angle. If this is so, it should be possible to rotate only a few steps either in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. For example: In a printer, a stepper motor controls the print head movement. A stepper motor can be used in any place where, a precise mechanical movement is desired. A 3Kg/cm2 motor is used and supplied with this module. The module has built-in power supplies, interface electronics to drive the motor. Number of steps and direction are programmable. This module requires external control system.


  •  One 3Kg/cm2 Stepper motor supplied.
  •  Built-in power supply.
  •  Interface electronics included.