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Pnematic Control Demo System Unit

Pnematic Control Demo System Unit
Pnematic Control Demo System Unit
Product Code : 13
Product Description
Pneumatic Control Demo Kit- BSPIL-DYN-04017
  • Pneumatic Control Demo Kit - Roll About Cart BSPIL-DYN-04017A
  • Pneumatic Control Tranperant Manual System With Foot Pump BSPIL-DYN-04017B
  • Electronic Pneumatic Circuit with compressor BSPIL-DYN-04017C
  • Electro Pneumatic Training Kit with PLC BSPIL-DYN-04017H
  • Filter Regulator Combination with Lubricator (FRL Unit)-1/4" BSPIL-DYN-04017SA
  • Pressure Gauge - 1/2" [0-10] Bar BSPIL-DYN-04017SB
  • Single Acting Cylinder (SAC) - ø 25 x 50 mm Pneumatic BSPIL-DYN-04017SC
  • Double Acting Cylinder (DAC) - ø 32 x 100 mm Pneumatic BSPIL-DYN-04017SD
  • Directional Control Valve - Hand Lever with spring return - for direct operation of a SAC & DAC - 1/4" BSPIL-DYN-04017SE
  • Directional Control Valve - Hand Lever Valve with detent - for maintained Pilot operation of SAC - 1/4" BSPIL-DYN-04017SF
  • Push Button Valve - for impulse pilot operation of a SAC - 1/8" BSPIL-DYN-04017SG
  • External Pilot Operated Valve with spring return - 1/4" BSPIL-DYN-04017SH
  • Shuttle Valve - for operating SAC from two different positions - 1/8" BSPIL-DYN-04017SI
  • Quick Exhaust Valve - for operation of DAC with quick return - 1/2" BSPIL-DYN-04017SJ
  • Flow control valve - Metering IN & OUT - to control the speed of DAC - 1/8" BSPIL-DYN-04017SK
  • Memory Valve - single cycle & Multi cycle automatic of DAC - 1/4" BSPIL-DYN-04017SL
  • Limit Switch - 1/8" BSPIL-DYN-04017SM
  • 4ø Plug BSPIL-DYN-04017SN
  • Quick Coupler - Socket BSPIL-DYN-04017SO
  • Quick Coupler - Plug BSPIL-DYN-04017SP
  • Silencers BSPIL-DYN-04017SQ
  • Polyurethane tubes 8 dia BSPIL-DYN-04017SR
  • Polyurethane tubes 4 dia BSPIL-DYN-04017SS

  • This versatile equipment is designed to have integrated hands-on training aid for students to have basic principles of pneumatics and compressed air devices. This unit allows for the bread boarding of numerous pneumatic circuits to illustrate a wide selection of pneumatic circuits along with the associated lab.This system comes with Manual and instructor guide. This creates a learning experience that provides a complete and practical introduction to pneumatic technology. The Pneumatic Trainer may be supplied on a Roll About Cart BSPIL-DYN-04017(a) or as a tabletop unit.
    The system is integrated with Industrial grade Cylinder , Pneumatic Control Valve, FRL Unit, Joints, Elbows, Limit Switch, Solenoid Valves , Timer and Logic Circuit. Realistic Modern Quick Snap State of Art Tubing and Accessories are used. The System comes with or without compressor a ½ HP compressor is enough to operate the realistic demo model which will be highly interactive for educational purpose.
    Other Demo kits made by us - Hydraulic Demo Unit/ Flow Demo Unit and other major Mechanical Lab requisites.